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Our Business

Package Business

We sell sofeware packages which are developed by us originally.
We sell solution packages which include excellent software packages selected by us from all over the world, as well as our latestest technology.

We develope our Original Software Pacakages, and offer them to our customers.
We take in excellent pacakages from allover the world, and then combine them with our latest technology as Solution Packages.  

IT Produce Business

We offer post-deployment education,technical supports,and maintenance as well.
We offer rapid availbility for systems by connecting the exiting IT environment with new systems.

Consulting Business

Our consulations for IT strategy and ERP are aimed to enhance your business performances by connecting your business with IT inventions.Our skill-up-manus for IT sector are aimed to cultivate project managers and IT specialists.

Partner-Relationship Business

We partner with top enterprises to provide products and services in various fields.
We make an efficient use of our "Tsunagi" technology in middleware to expande our partners' business.