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Waha! Transformer is de facto standard ETL tool in Japan. There are over 400 Waha! Transformer customers and its usage is varied from customer to customer such as, building up data warehouse, data transfer to ERP, EDI, data collection for consolidated accounting or in a case of migration. Following can be considered as functions of ETL tool.


Function for data extraction from various databases or files, which is used to administer data to be integrated.


Function for data processing, including character encoding conversion and transformation, data integration and etc. which will be executed along with data flow definition. Furthermore, it can perform data cleansing with modifying an error with reference consistency of collected data.


Function for loading data into a data warehouse or datamart, the data have been processed and converted by pre-processing.

Users can experience a short learning curve, because it’s easy of use.
Waha! Transformer provides character encoding conversion covering a high range support of character encoding, and also supports mainframe character code and Japanese local code
EBCDIC(English small letter)、ASCII、Unicode「UTF-8、UCS-2」.

It can provide a high-speed performance with a mass data since jobs are run (can be run) in multithread
It can seamlessly deal with data on various platforms without any conscious on its format, including variable length and fixed length text format, binary format, SAM file of mainframe, etc.
(It is possible to) read and write data directly (from) UNIX or mainframe via FTP Server.
It can access various database and extracting any necessary data by specifyingconditions as well as provides join function of different databases.

User can add insert any records with SQL commands. Furthermore, user can delete or update any data with various conditions by use of updateable SQLDB view filter.
It implements transaction function providing commit and role back.
It is possible to use variable (eg. a date variable) in a job, and it can be set when the job is executed.
Created jobs are visualized in a data flow diagram, which are structured simply for easy understanding. Furthermore, the jobs can correspond flexibly with environment change such as data source modification or specification change.

It provides automatic document generation function from the jobs stored in the repository. This function will helps on reducing maintenance cost and decreasing complexity.

Supporting database

Hyperion Essbase 5.x/6.x
IBM Red Brick Warehouse 5.x/6.x(*)
IBM DB2 Universal Database for OS/400 V5
IBM DB2 Universal Database for UNIX/Windows V7.x/V8.x
IBM DB2 Universal Database Information Integrator V8.1
Microsoft SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000
Oracle or any versions after this / or any versions after this/8i/9i/10g Microsoft Access MDB