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We will provide support with our customers on a basis of belief, which we keep from the start of our business, that “responsibility” itself is our product to sell. We are making a best effort to provide various technical information from time to time for our customers to use our software products effectively.
Any failure or trouble with our software products would cause a serious impact on our customers’ enterprise activities since our software products are used in their major systems. But our customers can make use of the software products with a sense of security since we have a 24h/365 day’s support system. Furthermore, we can send our support engineers in case of emergency. We provide sufficient technical and installation support at the time of installation since we have a strict criteria for installation of our software products that until customers can actually use the software products.

We have a wide-ranging service menu for supporting our customers other than normal maintenance support. We are ready to provide fine-tuned support and service in respond to various demands from customers from installation phase to maintenance support to produce a true value of “IT” in customers’ business.